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More Than Just an Investment

Why Invest in HVAC Companies?

What type of businesses thrived during the 2020 pandemic? 

HVAC companies. 

Air conditioning and heating will always be needed. Regardless of the situation.

Besides being stable businesses with opportunities for growth, below are a few other reason in invest in HVAC companies. 
  • When you invest in an HVAC company, you are helping a small business owner
  • When you invest in an HVAC company, you are helping the environment. Most HVAC companies are focused on energy efficiency.
  • When you invest in an HVAC company, you are not only helping the families employed by the business. You are helping to keep the air quality in homes and businesses clean. 
  • ​You are also helping families and businesses minimize monthly utility expenses. 

Our Partnership

When you partner with Scale or Exit Partners, you receive a team dedicated to the HVAC industry. 

Nearly 20 years of helping HVAC companies grow and thrive.

Scale or Exit Partners will oversee the operations of the acquired business. And ensure it's future success.
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